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Bruce Fossum
15330 Canyon Three
Box 57
Rio Nido, California 95471
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The works displayed are my sole design and execution.

The pure virgin cotton used in all of my works is the traditional material for water color and drawing paper in the Western world.  The long ph neutral fibers give integrity and durability to the piece.  Pure pigments (the same as used in oil and commercial paints) saturate the wet cotton pulp giving it richness and depth.  Because paint is not applied to the surface of the piece, the palpable softness of the cotton is preserved. 

I use traditional paper making techniques, screening and casting, as well as innovative techniques.  In later works, I am layering and sculpting the wet pulp directly on to a wet screened sheet. 

For the paper castings, I create the original sculptures in both green clay, and plaster.

I received my BFA from the University of Wisconsin with an emphasis in print making and drawings. My interest in the impact of textures lead me to three-dimensional works with emphasis on the interaction of colors and juxtaposition of shapes. 

My designs originate from my imagination, inspiration and the accident of creation.  The added dimension of light and shadow and the play of color and shape has held my attention ever since.